Riser Testing and Maintenance

Dry & Wet Riser Testing and Maintenance by British Fire Service officers

Dry and wet risers are fixed fire fighting systems, used by the Fire Service in the event of a fire. Dry risers are generally found in buildings over 18m in height, and over 50m in height for wet risers. However, blocks of flats less then 18m in height, also have dry risers installed.

It is crucial that these systems are in good working order at all times, as they are used by the Fire Service to direct water to the fire quickly and effectively.

Thorough testing from front line experts

As experienced British Fire Service Officers, our team are best placed to make sure that all of your equipment is ‘emergency-ready’.

Adena Fire services ensure that our clients comply with the Regulatory Reform ( Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Failure to do so can result in:

  1. Fire damage to your premises
  2. Invalidation of your business insurance
  3. Enforcement or Prohibition Notices issued by the Fire Service
  4. Injury or death of person

What are Dry Risers?

Dry risers have outlets which are a system of valves and pipework up the side of a building, where water can be pumped through to fire hoses which can be attached on each level of the building, to deliver to a fire located on that level. They are generally found in buildings that are generally over 18 metres in height.

Why do you need to test and maintain Dry Risers?

BS 9990:2015 – requires that dry rising mains are visually inspected every six months and that wet-pressure tests are conducted annually. In addition, Adena Fire are able to test private fire hydrants to ensure that they are working effectively to serve your building’s dry risers, where necessary.

What are Wet Risers?

Wet risers are similar systems to dry risers, but are permanently charged with water and are generally found in buildings over 50 metres in height.

Why do you need to test and maintain Wet Risers?

BS 9990:2015 requires that wet rising mains are visually inspected every six months. The pumps must also be tested and serviced on an annual basis, in addition to conducting pressure and flow tests. It is imperative that all risers are tested and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they are ready for use by the Fire Service at all times.

Why Use Adena Fire Safety Services

All of our engineers are Fire Service professionals – we have experience in the commissioning , testing, maintenance and repair of thousands of risers, we well as hands-on use of these systems in the even of a fire. This means that we only ever recommend repairs that are really needed.

Our services are accredited by SafeContractor and ConstructionLine, and are provided in line with the NEW British Standard – BS9990:2015 .

We hold business insurance ( details on request).

We offer competitive prices which are simple and straight forward with no hidden extras – providing reduced rates for additional risers tested on the same site.

We have our own bespoke testing vehicle – which  includes a Godiva Fire Service pump – enabling our engineers to test to the new standard of 12 bar pressure.

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced providing a professional and friendly services – and ensure that our work is conducted with the minimum disruption to our client’s business.

Risk Assessment and Method Statement ( RAMS) can be sent prior to work commencing ( on request).

In addition to the testing services we offer, Adena Fire engineers are able to rectify any defects or remedial work required to the dry riser in question.