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Fire Safety Regulations…

Are you aware of the fire safety regulations and your fire safety obligations to your staff, tenants and visitors?
If you have FIVE employees or more, and you don’t have up-to-date fire safety systems in place, there are potential risks to both your company, employees and those who visit. Not least, breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 can result in:

  • Fire damage to your premises
  • Invalidation of your insurance
  • Enforcement or Prohibition Notices – served by your Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service
  • Injury or death to persons

All fires are likely to cause a disruption to your business at the very least. At worst, the company or ‘Responsible Person’, may be faced with prison sentences, heavy fines or corporate manslaughter charges.
so, we would recommend that if you’re the Responsible Person for your company’s fire safety, that you leave your risk-taking to the weekends, and talk to us

1) Review

Adena Fire will review your fire safety arrangements and provide recommendations where required, in order to be compliant.

2) Apply

Where recommendations are given, clients will be advised to make the relevant changes and/or additions to your fire safety arrangements. Adena Fire can assist clients in implementing the required changes.

3) Comply

Your premises are now compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and are safe for visitors, tenants and staff.